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High on Burning Photographs #10 / temporarily sold out high 10
Ocean’s zines own my damn heart. And this one is extra special because it’s so much longer than previous issues! She crams in so much — tales from the cities & punk houses she lived in throughout the years, of making it through dangerous & threatening situations, the process of how she self-published her book, & on & on. Much of the writing is centered on being queer and feeling like (& being read as) sometimes a boy / sometimes a girl, & how this affects the way both strangers & lovers interact with her. I recently said of Ocean’s zines “They slay every time” & it’s true. Get this.

I Dreamed I Was Assertive #15 / $2.50 / 3 oz idreamediwasassertive015
This is the final issue of I Dreamed I Was Assertive! Celia has been publishing this zine for 15 years, & while she plans on continuing her zine writing, she’s leaving the IDIWA title behind. She fills this issue with more of her lovely handwritten stories & illustrations that we’ve come to adore. Her writing is very introspective & diary-like, and she shares stories of a trip to Oaxaca, reminders of her late sister, days spent with her young son, relationships with her siblings, and so much more. She also includes a list of 100 things she wants to do in 2014, which I found to be incredibly inspiring. Celia’s writing is extremely personal, & you can tell as you are reading through it that she rarely holds back. I’m sorry to see this zine ending, but I look forward to whatever Celia creates next. I know it will be fantastic.


It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology (Volume One) / $15 / 13+ oz it's alright volume one
The first of two Truckface anthologies, this thick book (360 pages!) contains issues 7 – 11 of LB’s long-running & exceptional zine. From the back cover: “From scooping chicken salads to selling dirty clothes to shelving books to teacher training, It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology details years of embarrassment and missteps. This volume contains stories of rowdy backyard brawls, awful customer service, awkward social interactions, underpants dance parties, staying angry and learning how to try.” Truckface is the best zine out there, and we’re fortunate to have another chance to dig through its earlier, out-of-print issues. Read this & feel alive. Highly recommended.

(Because this book weighs a ton, please email me if you’re outside of the USA & interested in buying this so that I can determine your shipping cost!)

It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology (Volume Two) / $17 / 13+ ozit's alright volume two
The second volume of the Truckface anthologies is even more massive than the first — 448 pages! From the back cover: “Through strikes, standardized testing, violence, bouffant wigs, school closings and drawings of wieners, It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology documents the life of one Chicago public high school teacher. Simultaneously hopeful and hopeless, volume two contains issues 12-16 of the long running zine.” LB’s stories are sometimes agonizing, sometimes hopeful, but always moving. I want to force this book into the hands of everyone I know (truly — even my mom bought one). Highly recommended.

(Because this book weighs a ton, please email me if you’re outside of the USA & interested in buying this so that I can determine your shipping cost!)

Long Distance #1 / temporarily sold out longdistance
I loved reading this comp zine because it was more than I expected it to be. Compiled by Jenna B, it’s about long distance relationships — not just romantic relationships, but also familial relationships as well. The submissions are lovely & sometimes gut-wrenching; how the miles between us & the ones we love pull us together or push us apart. There are stories of being separated by borders & unforgiving border guards, of going months or years without seeing the one you love, of how technology has changed the ways we communicate with long distance partners. A zine about relationships as much as it is about distance, this one is a keeper.

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