Submission guidelines:

Stranger Danger carries feminist zines, queer zines, trans zines, POC zines, & more. If you think your zine would make a good addition to the distro, you’re encouraged to submit a copy of it for consideration! Please include a short note with your contact info, wholesale & retail price, and your preferred form of payment (PayPal, distro credit, or check). Zines can be sent to the address on the contact page. It should be noted, though, that poetry, fiction, and music zines are not likely to be carried. Also, do not send a form letter, as I am a real person whose name is Heather. Thanks!

Please note that every zine can’t be accepted, so don’t let it get you down if your zine’s not picked up! Submitted zines will be donated to a zine library, because zine libraries rule. If you’d prefer your zine not to go to a zine library, please let me know in your submission note!